it's like, blanket 2.0

no, seriously this thing is the shit

we would say it is disrupting the entrenched blanket monopoly

but we are not a tech company and it is still just a blanket 

but a really kick ass blanket that is different from anything on the market,

that is until big blanket  comes along and copies us

it'll happen








unafraid to advocate


cool european sounding product names




we are kind of protective assholes about wild places so dont cross us






down quilt




fleece blanket








Down quilts are warm and light. BUT they are slippery like a wet eel and tend to leave gaps that let in cold air, what is the point of a blanket that slides off and lets in cold air? 



Our solution is to combine a high quality down quilt with an oversize layer of flannel fleece creating a generous overlap that wraps around you like a hot-lava embrace and seals the heat in all around you. 




Next, we add magnetic clasps and it gives you a hug on the couch, turns into a hooded robe to let the dog in, it even creates a "Futpoket" that cradles the tootsies in ridiculous warmth.